Thiago D'Silva

A proud Leomachus, Thiago walks the streets of Aarn drawing stares from all around. People have heard of his kind, but few have ever seen one.


Thiago is a paladin of Oncazha. He keeps himself well groomed, his black mane is always finely braided. He wears a hardened leather breastplate, and a steel helm. As with all Leomachi, he is quite potent with a spear, but his weapon of choice is a halberd.


A Paladin of Oncazha, the Jaguar in the sky. Thiago is hunting a Nightscale Drakine who murdered and mutilated a Leomachus child. The child was marked by Oncazha, and Thiago was mentoring him to become a cleric of the Great Cat. Thiago followed the Nightscale all the way to Aarn, but the trail has run cold. He curses his kin’s phobia of ships and water, that weakness allowed the Nightscale to get away from him.
Thiago is conflicted with what to do when he catches up with the Nightscale. His instincts are pushing him towards revenge, bloody and painful, which go against his values as a paladin. He has not decided what he will do, and hopes that fate will play out in his favor… but stepping off the edge of Oncazha’s graces is not out of the question.
Thiago hardly speaks any Westerlandish save for a few words he has picked up. He was grateful that Admetus joined the party, as they share the same mother tongue (Rarshas), and he can better communicate with the party through Admetus. But he suspects that maybe the young Dumawe is twisting his words sometimes. Thiago has made it a point to try a pick up more Westerlandish, he will need it if he is ever to find that Nightscale.

Thiago D'Silva

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