The Chronicle of Years

History of Ambrethel

Humans of the Westerlands start the history of Ambrethrel from the founding of the Four Kingdoms in Year 1. The current date is Year 5000 (or 5000SE, since it is common to note the epoch in addition to the year). The time before the founding of the Four Kingdoms is forgotten by history; it belongs to myth and legend.

The Epochs

  • The time of myth: Men arise on the shored of the Sea of Mhorec. The Drakine attempt to enslave them, leading to the Great Migration, when humans encounter elves, dwarves and other species.
  • The First Epoch (1-2853): Men found the Four Kingdoms of the Westerlands: Iluria, Carshalt, Amardan and Storvak. The kingdoms war with each other, and with neighbouring species. The Drakine Wars (924-928) lead to the fall of the Illurian Empire, but push the Drakine back into their core lands in central Arduna. The epoch ends with the Empire of the Lord of the Graven Spear, who attempts to take over the world. The Ulronai, powerful warrior-mages, stand against him, but are shattered and lose their ancestral homeland; they are condemned to wander as nomads. The Lord of the Graven Spear rules the Westerlands for 30 years, before his death at the hands of adventurers ushers in the Second Epoch.
  • The Second Epoch (2854-Present): The Troll Wars (2918-2921) see humans retake the lands of Khirkovy from the trolls of Tharnrek. Hargesh the Philosopher is born in 2971; twenty years later he begins spreading his new doctine in Vashkor, leading to the founding of the Hargeshite Faith (or Hargeshite Heresy, as the High Church calls it). The Hargeshite Faith remains the dominant religion in Vashkor. Between 4689 and 4702 the nomadic Gorthunda overrun much fo the northern Westerlands, ruling Khirkovy for a time. A terrible storm strikes Aarn in 4712, causing great destruction. In 4915, the dark lord Kal-Turak reveals himself to the world, separating his northern lands from the rest of Arduna by creating Kal-Turak‚Äôs Wall, and raising Darkspire in a single night.

The Chronicle of Years

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